The Barrio Logan Community Benefit District, located in the City of San Diego, is seeking a qualified “District Executive Director”,  “District Manager” or “District Management Company” to serve in the capacity of an overseer of the special benefit services performed in the district.  District management companies or individuals or their equivalent are encouraged to apply to administer and oversee the services of the CBD. 

The full Request for Proposal (RFP) along with the City of San Diego Engineers Report and a District Summary Report can be downloaded here.

This RFP is open to all interested parties and may be forwarded or shared accordingly.

For any questions regarding this RFP, please call (858) 526-6655 and ask to speak to Kevin McCook, Barrio Logan Association President.

Please send one (1) signed original, four (4) copies, and one (1) digital version (CD) of any proposal for this RFP to:

Barrio Logan Association

c/o Mr. Kevin McCook

Shea Properties

990 Mesa Rim Road, Ste. 220

San Diego, CA  92121

Please send three references, as well as three letters of recommendation for similar work related to management services.

E-mail or faxed proposals will NOT be accepted

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